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Romans 8:28

EncouragementWord of GodComments Off on Romans 8:28

This may be a word and numbers to some but to me this reference opens up a whole gateway of meaning about who God...   Read More


Sometimes, we are pushed to the limit and then God steps in. We, as Christians, are called to stand, even when the opposition and...   Read More

God’s Answer

ComfortPrayerWord of GodComments Off on God’s Answer

Whether we have small or big problems, God has an answer. I think He sets up situations in our lives so that we have...   Read More

God is able!

EncouragementInspirationComments Off on God is able!

Nothing is too hard for God. He invites us to ask anything in the Name of Jesus and as we draw closer to Him,...   Read More

Letting Go!

ComfortWord of GodComments Off on Letting Go!

Yesterday, I attended the burial service of a dear housegroup leader of my late husband. During this time, a poem was read that encouraged...   Read More


InspirationWord of GodComments Off on Excitement

There are so many ways to enjoy this word. The one thing that gets me excited is God and His purposes for planet Earth....   Read More


ComfortWord of GodComments Off on People

There’s an old song that Barbara Streisand used to sing called “People” in which it says that ‘people who need people are the luckiest...   Read More


The most effective thing we can do is to pray – not the last resort! It doesn’t have to be long. As I was...   Read More

Who You Know

ComfortWord of GodComments Off on Who You Know

We see a lot of good around and folk are so eager to help when there is a crisis. However, to love God enables...   Read More


I’m returning to this simple word that means so much. I think that this word is one of God’s favourites as he wants everyone...   Read More

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