Letting Go!


Yesterday, I attended the burial service of a dear housegroup leader of my late husband. During this time, a poem was read that encouraged us to let him go.

I was in a similar position when in hospital when the doctors said that they couldn’t help my husband. A dear brother in Christ said to me ‘You’ll have to let him go’. I was believing for healing for my husband at the time and wasn’t able to do this then but as time has gone by after the Lord took my Mike home to be with Himself, I am learning to let go.

There are so many areas of our lives where we need to let go and let God. The many challenges that we face as humans sometimes can get us all frustrated but if we dare to believe God, that He will come through to work everything together for good (see Romans 8:28) then we can rest in Him. I have just received an email that tells me just that. I am such a slow learner! God can be trusted – I’ve proved Him so many times!

Our children need to know how to face the challenges around them. So often they can compare themselves (as we adults do, too) with others and not realise that they are amazing and unique in their own right as God has made them. As we adults learn to rest in God and let Him be in control, then our children can feel the safety and security of knowing that their Heavenly Father is in charge and will bring a good outcome.

‘Diamond Books’ exist to bless children with the ways and truths of God as shown in the Bible. Some children, even here in the UK, have no idea about Jesus and His love for them. So, I’m encouraging as many as can, to purchase a set of ‘The Creation Series‘ and give them to some child/children who may not be aware that God made everything and has a wonderful plan for each life even when we/they blow it and need forgiveness.