Many people have been involved in inspiring, supporting, promoting, and practically managing the development of the Diamond Books reading project. Below is a list of some of the main people who have contributed to the work.

Carole Leah

Visionary and main author of Diamond Books

Nigel Steele

Education Consultant and Digital Lead

Sharon Rentta

Illustrator of the ‘The Creation Series’ (Set A)

Floyd Yamyamin

Illustrator of the ‘The Jesus Series’ (Set B)

Judith Queripel

Composer of songs for the Creation Series and the Jesus Series

Elizabeth McAsey

Teacher, research and development of books


Teachers from several schools have helped with trialling dummy books, practical support and finances from time to time. These schools have generally been part of the Christian Schools’ Trust or been based in the Merseyside area.


Various intercessors from more than one country are regularly praying for the Diamond Books reading project.


Thanks are also due to many other people, including all the teams at WestBow Press, Christian Focus Publications, and Christian Publishing and Outreach (CPO) who have been involved with the publishing process; as well as Carole’s late mum (Pat) and late brother (Mark) who released finances that were significant in initiating the publishing process.

The most thanks go to Almighty God who has called, inspired, equipped, provided and been so faithful throughout.