Diamond Books’ new website is their second website to be designed by the creative media team known as Quoakle. This website was updated in 2021 using the Enfold WordPress template.

Quoakle first appeared as a word in Google searches in August 2006 when Gloucestershire-based, Christian School Head Teacher, Nigel Steele, was working on his computer during the summer holidays and was inspired with an idea that was to become the original “graphical directory“, Quoakle.

Quoakle on all Devices
Over the last few years, the Quoakle team has designed a number of local and topical directories as well as expanding into Web Design and Website Promotion. Some of our Gloucestershire clients are Moxham Books suppliers of educational books and Cotswolds Photos. We also look after Churcham based, Great Questions.https://tea-rooms-in-gloucestershire.co.uk/

Quoakle Director, Nigel Steele, loves getting new ideas and is developing a number of different online directories: Great Days Out UK and the recently launched Free Days Out, as well as Great Days In UK DirectoryEat UniqueGreen ConstructionChristian SchoolsChristian Bookshops and Gloucestershire Coffee Shops and Afternoon Tea Gloucestershire.

Quoakle has been privileged to work with a number of charities and educational projects. Diamond Books – Bible Stories for Children is just one of those. Others include The Values Foundation which upholds the centrality of traditional faith and family values in British education and Parent Power – a group of parents and educators who believe that the primary responsibility for the education of children rests with their parents. The SEO team continues to work with a few clients on website promotion including, Oxford Nutritionist, Songs from Daniel, Designer Silk Scarves, UK Business DirectoryWorld Around Us, Pauntley and with projects such as No New TownsForest of Dean Housing.

We also think you might find the Soccer Defender website interesting if you like football!

Our Creative HQ is based in Churcham, a little down the road from Gloucester, UK. However, some of the team work from other UK locations including Cardiff, Liverpool and Brighton.

We are pleased to have two long-distance clients in Australia:  Synthetic Grass Suppliers Sydney and Sarah Meijer’s Public Speaking Training and are also pleased to be offering SEO services to a number of companies and organisations including A-Life, Custom Labels, Wedding Photographer Sussex, Passion Plays and Passion Trust. The Quoakle team have also designed the useful Character Counter tool which helps with creating title tags and meta descriptions for website pages.

Quoakle offers a wide range of quality web solutions at affordable prices taking clients from the initial design stages right the way through to marketing their website effectively within Google.

We can take you from the initial design stages right the way through to marketing your website effectively within Google.

To find out more please call on 01452 595377, Skype “Quoakle” or email us at support@quoakle.com.