Diamond Books is an exciting Bible-based reading project that aims to give children a love for the Bible, while at the same time developing their reading skills.

Pioneered by UK Christian teacher Carole Leah, Diamond Books seek to nourish children with biblical resources bringing positive ideas into their lives as well as good role models to follow. The stories will delight 3-9-year-olds, along with the antics of several modern-day characters to whom they can relate.

The vision of Diamond Books is to impart to children the knowledge of God’s love and purpose for their lives – with every book being like a love letter from God to a child.

Sets A, B and C are available to order NOW!

The Creation Series - God's World

The Creation Series - Light, Sky and Sea
The Creation Series - Plants and Lights
The Creation Series - Sea Creatures
The Creation Series - Birds
The Creation Series - Animals
The Creation Series - People
The Creation Series - A Beautiful Garden