The Diamond Books project was created by Christian educators wanting to see children reading good, realistic, and truthful books that are carefully graded and structured for different age groups.

In 1984, at a Christian Education Conference in Sussex, England, Dr. Paul Hawkins said, “If only we could teach children to read using the Bible.” Carole Leah, one of the delegates, heard these words and was fired with a desire to see this come about. Just before this, Carole had been asked by Mary Miller (Headmistress at the Shepherd’s School, Brockley, London) to write a biblically-based reading series. Further encouragement came from the late Arthur Adams, who had already attempted writing Bible-based reading material for children, but knew that this work would not be completed. He passed on to Carole a great deal of his expertise and encouraged her to go for the goal of seeing the series of books published.

After prayer, Carole realised that God was indeed calling her to take on this project. During a prayer meeting, God showed that the books were like diamonds – precious stones that He wanted to set in the hearts of children. Work began on the books in November 1985, in London. By early 1993, the whole structure of Diamond Books had emerged. Many books had been drafted in rough.

timjosh3It was at this stage that a group of teachers from the Christian Fellowship School in Liverpool asked Carole to work within their team setting, providing accountability and support for the work.

The writing of Diamond Books has continued until the present day. Altogether 101 books have been written. Sets A-C lay foundations for children’s lives, both for their reading development and for their understanding of God and his plans.  The next seven sets (D-J) cover the Bible chronologically, providing good role models and practical teaching. Set K focuses on God the King throughout the Bible.