The Creation Series (Set A)

Described as a Bible-based reading project, these eight well-illustrated books introduce three contemporary children to the Bible account of Creation. The first book covers the six days of Creation; books 2-7 illustrate the Bible narrative; and book 8 covers the Fall, and the role of Jesus ‘to put things right’.

They are designed to be read to 3-4 year olds to extend the vocabulary, practise observation skills and, if desired, to learn a Bible verse. The set would be an excellent gift for a godchild or grandchild, or bought for use in a playschool or nursery class. They have been produced for the UK market so the illustrations and vocabulary are just right.

It is good to see material that links Creation with Jesus the Redeemer for this age group.

I gave my Grandson a copy of the ‘The Creation Series’. Over the following 2-3 years, whenever I went to visit him, and asked whether he wanted me to read a bedtime story, he would say “I want you to read me the God books please, Grandpa.” When I finished a book, he wanted me to immediately read the next in the series. As I would usually stay 2-3 days, I would make sure that by the time I left, we had read the whole series.

He really liked the pictures, and counting the ‘hidden creatures’ in each book. He asked lots of questions, and would often refer to the books during the day, and ask me questions about God. The series really seemed to impact his imagination, and his ability to concentrate. He was 5 years old when I gave him the series.

I would highly recommend this ‘Creation Series’ for any child of that age group. You will enjoy reading them too!

My name is Debbie. I have not been a Granny/Nana long but have got Set A ‘The Creation Series’ written by Carole Leah, which is bible based & starts with the book of Genesis, to read to my Grandaughter as soon as she can understand. The set of 8 books are in a box. The wording is so simple & easy for children to comprehend & later read for themselves. Such thought has gone into the bible readings along with continuity of characters mentioned at the start of the book. The illustrations are bright & colourful which really appeals to children. I look forward to getting all the other sets in the series. A wonderful series to gently introduce God to our little ones.

“The Creation Series of Diamond books is an amazing series of children books. The series contains eight books and each book has its unique flavour. Starting in Book 1 (God’s world) children’s imaginations are fired up about how God created this beautiful world in just seven days (including the Sabbath). In Book 2 (Light Sky Land and Sea) children can enjoy the creation of light, sky, land and sea in further detail with appropriate illustrations. In Book 3 (Plants and Lights) the illustrator and writer take the children on a tour of many plants God created and how the special lights work for those plants. In Book 4 (Sea Creatures) children witness the creation of sea creatures such as the whale, crabs, fish, seal, octopus and shark etc. In  Book 5 (Birds) children see how God created colourful birds and how these birds praise God through their singing. In Book 6 (Animals) the illustrations of animals are fascinating. In Book 7 (People) the interesting journey of the creation of human beings is shown, which provides excitement for children, taking them to another level. The last one, Book 8 (A Beautiful Garden) shows the creation of the garden God made for humans and all the creatures. 

Over the years,  I have read so many children’s books regarding creation and all those books tell us how God created this world but this series does not stop here as it takes children to the next step where they can see how God created each thing precisely. Most importantly, they can participate in the creation journey. The writer chooses the right content for children as the wording used is much simpler and helps them to improve their vocabulary. The illustrations support the words by providing fascinating graphics.

As a Sunday School teacher,  I highly recommend this series to teach as a course or for story telling, because in this way children’s interest will remain intact. I hope through this series God will develop the curiosity in children to know more about God for themselves.