Stories about Jesus

The second series of books (Set B) in the Diamond Books Bible-based reading project is ‘The Jesus Series’. This series consists of 16 books for 4-5 year olds to read themselves. Books 1-8 focus on what Jesus said about himself, as recounted in John’s gospel. Books 9-16 are stories about Jesus and tell what Jesus came to do, based on Isaiah 61:1-2 and Luke 4:16-21.

Each of 1-8 teach about one of the names given to Jesus in the Bible. For example, the first book teaches that Jesus is the light of the world. An adult can help a child to orally memorise the Bible verse and its reference, and use a replica diamond to explain that, just as a diamond has many sides, so Jesus has many names to show what He is like.

In books 1-8, the alphabet’s first eight letters are introduced (one per book) and their sounds reinforced through a variety of suggested activities.

The Jesus Series has been written by Carole Leah and well illustrated by talented and gifted Floyd Yamyamin.