The Vine

“The Vine” is the seventh of sixteen books in “The Jesus Series” for 4-5 year olds to read themselves. Books 1-8 in the series focus on what Jesus said about Himself, shown in John’s gospel. This book teaches that Jesus is the Vine.

There are various ways for adults to help a child reading this book. They are encouraged to help the child memorise the Bible verse and its reference:
“I am the vine” John, chapter 15, verse 5

They are also asked to use a replica diamond to explain that just as a diamond has many sides, so God has many names to show what He is like.

Book 7, “The Vine”, introduces the letter sound G/g, and offers help with writing the letter, as well as giving suggested activities, reading tips, charts to aid recall, and sight vocabulary words that children need to read the book.

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