The specific aims of Diamond Books form the acrostic ‘DIAMONDS’.

To DEVELOP in children a love for the Bible – laying foundations in the early sets of books and moving chronologically through the Bible in the other series

To INTEREST 3-9 year olds with beautifully illustrated and carefully structured texts, incorporating all the necessary early learning vocabulary with support materials to develop children’s reading potential at different stages of learning

To ASSIST struggling readers with a special set of books and materials

To MOTIVATE children to learn various reading skills, e.g. sight vocabulary, phonics, grammar, and spelling patterns

To OFFER children examples of moral and spiritual choices and their consequences

To NOURISH children in difficult times and circumstances with biblical resources, to alleviate fears and to bring positive ideas into their lives as well as good role models to follow

To DELIGHT 3-9 year olds with the antics of several modern-day characters they can relate to, who appear in all the books

To SUPPLY children with the knowledge of God’s love and purpose for their lives – every book is like a love letter from God to a child