Wholly Surrendered

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Here during Holy Week in the Christian calendar, we are aware that the central figure of our faith, Jesus Christ, was not only Holy...   Read More

Overwhelmed by Circumstances

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Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by circumstances or situations or just with life in general. The pace that some of us go can produce...   Read More

Being Busy

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I think that this is what most of the human race is good at and we women even more so. I find myself multi-tasking...   Read More


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Computers and I don’t get on as most of my friends will vouch. These last few weeks and months have been those that have...   Read More

Fact or Fiction

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Just recently, we had a family problem that nobody could understand. A wedding was called off, relatives had come from Australia and there was...   Read More


I was going to write a blog on ‘trust’ and then I read Hebrews 4 that is about the rest of God and realised...   Read More

One day

Taking one day at a time is fine in theory but putting it into practice is a different scenario. I think it takes faith...   Read More


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Friday saw me clutching a box of tissues as my Mum and I went into a room to celebrate my late brother’s life. He...   Read More

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

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Trust is a word we use a lot really, but its meaning is challenging. In order to trust someone, we need to know them...   Read More

My ‘Daddy’

Yesterday was a very special day for me as it would have been my dad’s 94th birthday. He sadly died in 1980 but he...   Read More

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