Overwhelmed by Circumstances

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Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by circumstances or situations or just with life in general. The pace that some of us go can produce...   Read More

7 reasons for Praying

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It’s often said that ‘prayer changes things’ but I’m convinced that God uses prayer to change people including and especially us who are praying....   Read More


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Here’s a word that makes us look upwards! I immediately think of an eagle soaring through the air currents.Then, I think of the jet...   Read More

God’s Way is a Way of Peace

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“How sure can we be?” … This can be a dilemma in all sorts of situations but the wonderful thing is that God is...   Read More

Why Pray?

It is often said that prayer changes things. I would like to amend this statement by saying that I think that God changes things...   Read More

God’s Answer

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Whether we have small or big problems, God has an answer. I think He sets up situations in our lives so that we have...   Read More


ComfortPrayerComments Off on Exposure

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get exposed when I am least expecting it. We can get exposure to the sun...   Read More

Resting Place

It’s so good to have places where we know we can rest or relax but there is one place that can fit all. We...   Read More


The most effective thing we can do is to pray – not the last resort! It doesn’t have to be long. As I was...   Read More


What do I do when I need help? Binge, cry, shout, work out a plan, share about it with a friend or simply pray....   Read More

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