God’s Answer

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Whether we have small or big problems, God has an answer. I think He sets up situations in our lives so that we have to depend on Him. He wants our closeness of relationship more than anything else it seems and He wants us to draw near to Him continually.

I had a headache this morning and dragged myself to an early morning prayer time where my family (brothers and sisters in Christ) prayed for me. The headache did not go straight away as God wanted me to have some rest. I put peppermint on my temples and took some medication (less than the usual dose) and went to sleep on getting home. I think that this was a wake up call that I have been overdoing things. Hence, the warning in the form of a headache.

I believe God has an answer to every situation if we will but lean on Him and acknowledge that we don’t have the answers. This requires humility and discipline. We’re told to be like children in the way they trust and simply go about their lives. For them, it is easier to let Daddy God help them whereas we adults often get too proud or too busy to even realise that God is waiting in the wings to answer any request we have. “Ask and it shall be given you,” said Jesus (see Luke 11:9-10) “seek and you will find and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” and He never lied. So we can have confidence in asking God anything even our non verbal cries of our hearts.

God has one answer for the human heart that He says is desperately wicked (see Jeremiah 17:9) and that is shown in the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ on the cross, dying instead of us (which we deserved). Jesus did an exchange, giving us His immense love in the form of forgiveness instead of leaving us to wallow and receive the consequences of our wrong doing which comes about by the choices we make

Let’s give our children hope by letting them know that the God who loves us also has an answer to every situation or problem we face. He has a habit of weaving everything together for good especially for those who love Him (see Romans 8:28) so it’s worth our children knowing that to be on God’s side makes them winners!