Wars have been fought and won or lost over what people believe to be true. Truth is something that is very important especially in daily living as individuals and in families and groups as well. When you know that someone is going to tell the truth, you can trust that person more than someone who has lied to you in the past.

Jesus said that we would know the truth and that this truth would set us free (see John 8:32). What is this truth? I believe that the truth that Jesus is referring to is to Himself as when we get to know him, he reveals the truths from the Bible to us by His Spirit so that we can understand that he died for the sins of the whole world and that his blood actually removes and covers my sin so that in God’s sight we can be pure and right before him.

We are encouraged in the Bible to worship God in Spirit and in truth so that we can actually bless our Creator God. “God is Spirit and only by the power of his Spirit can people really worship him as he really is.” (John 4:24 – Good News Bible) Jesus became a human being, full of grace and truth  (see John 1:14) so to know him is to know truth.

For me, God named another foundation stone that he showed me as I began to embark on doing this Diamond Books project and it was called ‘truth’. Through this project, we as a team have endeavoured to embellish this stone by speaking the truth to one another in love and seeking to be scrupulously honest in our financial dealings as well as with the way we treat one another. So,God knew that one of the platforms of Diamond Books was to be truth and he has been helping us to learn more about walking in truth practically ever since.

Children easily lie in their little ways and how important it is to curb these tendencies even in the little areas of their lives (and our lives, too). I remember taking our son up to the manager of a local shop so that he could apologise for stealing something from the shop and then lying to us about doing so. How we each need a Saviour to help us through the minefield of making decisions and right choices. Lies are the opposite of truth – let’s help our children to deal with this in their early experiences so that they can become the true adults in our society that can be depended upon not to be double minded or shady in their dealings.