This is not a word we use much in every day life but Jesus Christ was known to be meek. I thought it meant humble but it turns out that it means being brought into submission like a wild horse being trained – out of control at first but harnessed and brought into self control.

When I first met my husband and then when he proposed, I actually asked him whether he was prepared to have someone in his life who was impatient and lacked self control. Needless to say, he took me on as I was and through our relationship, God has begun to develop these characteristics in me – amazing isn’t it? I don’t pretend to be there yet but am on the way to learning not to be impulsive and holding back rather than diving into a situation. Needless to say, my speech hasn’t always been that controlled either. The Bible clearly states in the book of James that no-one can control the tongue which also needs to be bridled. How we need the Holy Spirit to develop these fruits of love in us (see Galatians 5).

Meekness is one of the foundation stones I believe God gave me when first I ventured on doing this project of ‘Diamond Books’. Letting God control my impulsiveness and eagerness to move forward (sometimes with little thought or prayer) has been something that has been a challenge. However, God never calls us without providing the way forward and so in this I am open to be led in a more controlled way as God works in me.

None of us can produce graces of any kind in our lives. Only Jesus Christ and the work of His Spirit that he has given to indwell us as Christians can develop such qualities as meekness in us. I always laugh when that song from the 60’s “Wild Thing” is played as it reminds me of what I have been and how God is beginning to develop a more less wild person of me!

Children need to know that God is well able to develop their character and that even seemingly bad experiences or happenings in their lives can produce good things eventually.

God’s love for each child is so wonderful. I can’t recommend ‘The Creation Series’ of Diamond Books enough not because God enabled me to write the 8 books but because the series builds a platform about God’s perfect and many sided character – hence the diamond!