“Do you have a secret? Do you promise not to tell?” goes the old Searchers song.  I have a secret that I want everyone to know – Jesus Christ is really alive and can change the heart of every person on this planet.  Somehow, it doesn’t make the world news, yet knowing him is the secret to success, health, joy, contentment, the future and more besides.

It is only by revelation that we get to understand what the Bible is all about.  This book is inspired from beginning to end and although it is old and long and historical, its pages can develop and help us human beings like no other book can.  The Holy Spirit is the interpreter of it. We only have to ask him to show us what it means as we read and the way will unfold for us to live life to the full, free of guilt and shame and free from anxieties as we trust our maker and redeemer.

I am thrilled to be able to supply 3-4 year olds in particular with the story of the early beginnings of creation and the wonder of  the magnificent flowers and birds and animals and people God has created. Sharon Rentta our artist for these books has captured the heart of God in the work she has done.  Take a look and have a read and bless the children around you.  They will never forget what they see and the words and illustrations could make a big impact upon their little lives.

We can encourage children to have secrets about the things they find out about creation e.g. a pair of swans stay together for their lifetime; or a mummy penguin usually lays a huge egg; or the beautiful coral reef off Australia is so big that it can be seen from the moon! Information that can seem secretive can be found out by children in the adventure of life that they are on.  What child is not fascinated by the ants they see and yet the secret about them is that they are such busy creatures and can teach us humans how to redeem our time and prepare ahead!

So with us adults – let’s not keep the ‘secret’ of Christ to ourselves but flood the world with the truth of the good news that says that all can have a place in heaven, all are loved and can be forgiven if only they ask their maker to do so. No-one is barred – now that is the best kept secret of all!