Remember Me


How would you like to be remembered? For doing acts of kindness; for earning lots of money; for being a good parent? We often think of these things as we approach a crisis that could lead to our lives being finished on earth.

Jesus Christ asked us people to remember him when at a simple meal with his disciples  before he knew that he would imminently die.  He knew how frail and fickle his friends could be so he gave them tangible things to remember him by – bread to symbolise his body and wine to symbolise his blood.  Both were evidences of his life and death.

So with us – what would you give for others to remember you by? Some people just ooze love and that in the end carries the greatest weight.  That’s why Jesus’ sacrificial death and then surprise resurrection was so outstanding.  These happenings covered the whole needs of humans past, present and future for forgiveness and healing so that the pain of human experience could be turned upside down (in fact right side up).

To love is the greatest human emotion and deed that anyone can give.  To be remembered for love is a wonderful thing. Youngsters need to know that love is the greatest thing of all – not what they do or achieve but how they love others (including God) and relate to them.

‘Diamond Books’ seeks to portray God’s journey with various individuals starting with Adam and Eve. They had all the love there was and yet chose to blow the instructions given them.  Love has responsibilities as well as rewards and joys and yet they chose to ignore the love of their creator who knew best.  Let’s teach our children that there are always consequences to the actions they choose.  They can do all manner of things but the greatest acts they can do are those done in love and so with us adults. Let’s not put a stumbling block in the way of these little ones who are learning the way of love through what they see in us adults.

Love is patient, love is kind, love never gives up and never fails.  Let’s make 1 Corinthians 13 our family chapter of the Bible so that we can each learn all about God’s amazing love and remember Jesus Christ.