There’s a song that says, ‘Victory is on our lips and in our lives’ but does one follow the other?  What does victory look like today? We’re fortunate in the U.K. not to be at war within our country (although some in Scotland may war with words about leaving the U.K!)

Jesus Christ spelt out the greatest victory ever in the life he led and in the death he died but more amazingly in the life that came forth from the grave when he was resurrected from the dead.  Because he didn’t stay dead, he is able to defeat death for us and release us humans from  the sin and sicknesses that so easily beset us as well as deliver us from the enemy of our souls, the devil.

I’m convinced the more I get moving in the Christian life that what we say has a huge bearing on who we become.  Words are so powerful as God showed at creation – he spoke and what he said was created.  The Bible says that ‘what you say can mean life or death’ (Proverbs 18:21 – International Children’s Bible). So, how we need to be careful what we say!  We in fact will have to give an account (one day) of every word we’ve ever said – how incredibly awesome is this. Victory often comes by being silent it seems as Jesus Christ himself showed when being harassed and victimised.

Guarding our tongues and mouths, therefore, is vital and necessary for us to live overcoming lives.  It’s not the number of challenges we encounter so much as to how we deal with them.  Stress can cause all manner of behaviour and words can often slip out that one can regret. Guarding our sleep, also, is essential for our wellbeing especially when we are under pressure or have circumstances to face that are contrary to our usual round.  Adapting and being flexible can only come really when we are at peace with God, others and ourselves so that we can see victory in every situation we face.

I am so grateful to God that he only expects us to live one day at a time. I am learning to let God take the strain and look after the cares of the day especially before going to sleep. A good night’s sleep is a gift indeed and can refresh us so well that the difficulties of the day before can almost be erased as we start afresh with God on another adventurous day.

So, let’s get leaning on God and let him carry us and help us through life’s struggles.  This is the first day of the rest of our lives and God can make all the difference to it. Our children, too, need to know that God is for them not against them so that they can lean on him at school or at play, in the home and when they are outside. They have the advantage of developing early in their lives this habit of trusting God for everything they need (not necessarily want – although God bountifully answers their heart’s cry sometimes in ways they and the adults around them least expect).  God is a God of surprises and adventure and he wants our children to know this and respond to him.

Let ‘The Creation Series’ minister to your children.  The pictures alone glorify God and get the children wondering what this world is all about.  As they begin to grasp the enormity of their creator there is no stopping what they will believe him for, as their faith is purer than us adults and can achieve so much. Jesus said, “Let the  little children come to me. Don’t stop them. The kingdom of God belongs to people who are like these little children.” (International Children’s Bible)  How much we have to learn!