Being Gullible


I’m gullible and an open book so often but how I need to be discerning and hold back more wisely. I so easily believe what people say but then one can be taken in by liars or deceptive folk who want to lead others astray or even by sincere people who might be sincerely wrong. So, how do I stop this inclination or even the habit it may have become?

God’s word, the Bible, is true and everything I do I need to line up with this.  When I hear tragic news or something that may happen, do I check it out or do I simply believe it? Newspapers and other media don’t always have all the facts so when things are reported I can have a lop-sided view of a situation or person.

God has given us everything to live a godly life and that includes getting hold of God’s wisdom and discernment so when information is thrust at me, I can determine what is true and what is not or even check it out more carefully.  Yesterday, I received an email from my Pastor, the information in it seeming to be authentic and plausible and I acted on it immediately.  However, a good friend checked on a website relating to this news and found the email to be a hoax. How my enemy, Satan, loves to distract me from the truth.

Being gullible is not a good trait, really, as it can lead to error and wrong thinking and doing as well as speaking incorrectly.

“Help me, Lord, to wait on you more to understand what is true and what is not as my gullibility doesn’t bring glory to You and can be a stumbling block to others.”

With this in mind, let us determine to help our children to discern good and evil so that they are not taken in by what they experience with their senses but can be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. This requires diligence on the part of us adults so that we can channel and train our children in the way that God wants them to go. They can learn to wait for confirmation of a particular idea and develop habits in their young years that will stand them in good stead as they become adults.

Immerse a child in God’s word. ‘The Creation Series’ will help with this. Then our children can be free of gullibility and can have a holy boldness like Daniel and Moses had. (They were as human as we are.) God can train children in their early years to go the way of wisdom and override the foolishness of being left to their own devices.