There’s a Hole in my Bucket!

I discovered a hole in my bucket yesterday. Circumstances were overwhelming and I chose to go with my feelings which at the best of times are not accurate in gauging the truth about a situation.

For years, I kept falling through the hole in my bucket (life) until I realised the truths given by Jesus Christ to keep us on an even keel. I so easily had pity parties and negative outlooks until I realised that God actually does love me and even likes me. That truth has made a huge difference to my life but yesterday I forgot all that.

Thank goodness for friends who speak the truth in love to me at these times. I find that words spoken or written don’t register immediately but with folk praying somehow my heart softens, I calm down and God can whisper his truths to me that they have been trying to communicate with me.

Sometimes, our children feel overwhelmed perhaps at school or even playing with their friends in the park. If a child is particularly sensitive then he/she can get locked into a mood that they don’t know how to handle. The word of God is powerful, sharper than any two edged sword, the Bible says, so it is only right to equip children with a powerful weapon that can make a difference to them when they struggle or get into trouble.

Diamond Books has been developed to provide an anchor for children in these difficult times. When they feel overwhelmed and fall from their usual pattern of behaviour, we, as adults, can be there for them, gently feeding them with God’s words that are such a comfort as well as providing truths to dwell on. These books give the visuals as well as the words to help young children alleviate their fears.

God has a wonderful habit of weaving everything together for good and even when we or our children fall into a hole and it feels like there is a hole in our bucket, God has a way of catching us and putting us back on track. He doesn’t reprimand us or judge us but lovingly woos us back into relationship with Him who can bring us through anything. Our children need to know this for themselves in their experience. Hopefully Diamond Books can help with this.