Who can I trust?

In today’s world it’s very hard to know. However, there is a litmus test that helps us and we can find wisdom to know this.

We all let each other down as people as we have that tendency of thinking about me and doing things our own way and this can rub up other people. It can even get people to be hostile. As we have opposition in our lives, our trust in people can diminish and sometimes we can build walls around us so that we become untouchable especially emotionally. Someone very close to me has done just that. Somehow trust needs to be built up again but how?

The only way I know is to bring God into the picture. He is totally trustworthy and can be depended upon even when circumstances look grim or impossible. God specialises in doing what we can’t, so as we surrender to him, then he can have access to us and show us the wise way forward. Because we are all so individual there is no one way forward – He has the right pathway for us all so that we can be healed, set free and made whole. He weaves all our circumstances, particularly the difficult ones, into good if we let him have his way (see Romans 8:28 in any translation of the Bible).

As Christians we belong to the family of God. Because we are not alone in our walk with God, he places people beside us that we can learn to confide in and pray with. Prayer is the key to so many things. God invites us to ask him for wisdom even with our relationships. If there are difficulties here, which are inevitable, we can first of all pray about these alone, then we can share them with a person who has proved their friendship with us through the test of time or with a relative or family friend. If there is no-one that you feel one can share with then keep praying about it and let God bring to you someone of his choice to help you here. God never deceives us and if we earnestly pray for an answer, he can be trusted to provide the solution.

We need to trust people despite their tendencies (and mine too) to fail. We can put things right when something does go wrong in a relationship, forgive and go on. If we have doubts about a person’s integrity or morality or genuineness, then we can learn to be careful and test out their character. Leaning on people can be a problem but we can always lean on God as he is a strong support who can take us through anything and give us the discernment as to who to confide in.

Our children need to be learn this and be wise, too. The sooner they connect with their Maker and Lover the better as then they will have access to the One who can help and lead and give all the advice that is necessary for them to walk through life.

Basics apply for children in our dangerous world. They include not talking with strangers, not accepting anything that makes them feel uncomfortable and being brave to tell a teacher or parent that they feel something is wrong that is happening around them or to them. Christians can be a huge help to children as they are accountable to God. If they are genuine, honest and reliable then a child can trust them and engage with the One who made and loves us all.