How well do you communicate? I’m not so hot face to face but on paper, I’m in my element. However, we need to communicate well verbally in order to have relationships with anyone.

There are so many forms of communication these days, that one can get overwhelmed by the choices available. Keeping life simple enables us to prioritise our relationships and thus our communication.

What would you communicate if you could only speak for one minute? The ‘Just a Minute’ panel game on the radio is one of my favourite listening shows. Hilarious though it often is, the art of speaking on a topic for one minute is really challenging. How would you prioritise what to say and how to say it?

I find that when someone communicates with me on the premise that I am accepted and loved, whatever they have to tell me is palatable because the love couches the awkward words that might need to be said.  So, with God, he is succinct in what he says to us, e.g “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) No words are wasted in this quote and have a profound effect if taken individually. God speaks the truth in love and that is how I’d love to be able to communicate to everyone I meet especially to those close to me who we can easily injure with our words or have miscommunication happening.

God loves us all so much and our children need to hear that on a daily basis. He made the world to operate in love. He gave all that he had to the first people and also risked them making choices that would alter his plan for mankind although he knew what man and woman would choose at the beginning of time. See Book 8 of ‘The Creation Series’.

Let’s ask God to give us courage to couch our words in love even if they are difficult  to say in some situations. Let’s also encourage our children to similarly open up and communicate what’s happening in their hearts and lives especially their feelings in various situations they face perhaps at school. Then, as honesty prevails, trust can develop and our communications with others can form friendships and lasting conversations.