What do you see when you glance at the Bible? A dusty book, something that is irrelevant or an exciting adventure story? All can be true but it is only when we get to know the Author of this amazing book that we realise that it is a love letter sent from Heaven to Earth.

In fact, the Bible is the most read book on earth as more copies have been sold of this book through the generations than any other book ever.

Words matter to God. In the book of Genesis – a book of beginnings – it says that at God’s word the earth and all that is in it was created. God spoke and the light came; God spoke and the land, sky and sea came; God spoke and the plants and lights came; God spoke and the sea creatures came; God spoke and the birds came; God spoke and then the animals came; God spoke and then the first two people came.

“In the beginning,” says the Bible in John 1:1 ” was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” – Wow! I take that to mean that Jesus (which is who John’s gospel is all about) was with God (Father God) at the beginning of time together with the Holy Spirit who breathed over the waters that covered all the earth initially.

So, words are incredibly powerful. What we say (as we are made in our creator’s image) can have a powerful effect, too. God has given to mankind the authority to stand against any opposition that is wrong or not good so we can be confident to speak out what is true and lovely and noble and pure and praiseworthy and see things happen as a result. I’ve found this when, for example, I feel the onset of the common cold. I simply refuse it and say ‘no’ to it and I don’t receive it. How our NHS  systems  would  benefit from more of God’s input.

We can instruct our children to watch and be careful what they say, especially about themselves, as negative words can cause a curse to be put on our lives easily. What we speak is what we become. That is why ‘The Creation Series’ (and I can’t plug it enough for the blessing of children) is so useful and helpful as the visual that goes with God’s words can be seen and can be implanted on the memory. As we all know, the visual is so important especially to children. Sharon Rentta, the illustrator for this series, has such a gift of capturing a child’s imagination and the beauty of her drawings are quite something (see www.diamondbooks.org.uk).

So next time you take a glance at a Bible – maybe in a church or in a library or simply on a shelf at home, treat it like a treasure. Take it, open it, read the wealth within it and allow the Holy Spirit to show you what it all means for you for each day. The God of its pages can encourage you and help you as you read it everyday of your life. I can vouch for this great value and truth!