Have you got a foundation? Do you wear a foundation?! Does it cover up the real you? Does a foundation matter? Is it essential? Do you want a priceless foundation that is solid and will take you through any challenges and pressures life throws up?

I strongly believe that we can each have a solid foundation that is based on the truth of what God tells us in the Bible. It seems simplistic or even naïve but the facts are for the tasting. God loves each one of us not for what we do or how we’ve been born or because of where we live but because he loves us unconditionally. He’d love us all to connect with him and be blessed beyond our wildest dreams but even if we choose not to, his love for us doesn’t diminish because “God is love” (see 1 John). He doesn’t change his character to fit us!

Many of today’s children here in the west are wrapped up in technology and weave in and out of the busy lives of their parents. However, in some parts of the world, the technology isn’t so advanced and children can often still be children and have the advantages of being able to play and explore more.

Each child, like each adult, needs a foundation to build on. The Bible provides an anchor when times get tough and when problems are submitted to a Heavenly Father who is directly interested in each human being, he provides the way through so that each can learn to trust someone far bigger than our human eyes can see. Children can be reassured as they look around at creation (that they can see) that a grand designer is behind it all even if sometimes the adults doubt and complicate or simply listen to good scientific theories that sound so plausible and ignore the facts.

God was present at the dawn of time when our world was created and he can supply the strong foundation for our lives. As we adults learn to trust the One who knows everything and everyone, so the children around us can copy us. “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth,” says the writer of Ecclesiastes (12:1 – NIV). As we as families and individuals remember our creator, then we can receive that foundation which will keep us secure and poised. Read out the Psalms to your family and let our children make up tunes to go with them. As we sing and praise and give God thanks, then our foundation becomes even more solid.

‘The Creation Series’ for reading to 3-4’s helps to give children a solid foundation. Based on the Bible, this boxed set of 8 books provides visuals to go with the words of God that a child will always remember plus an opportunity for each of them to hide God’s word in their heart by learning to memorise Scripture.

Children will always be indebted to any adults who share with them the foundation to life based on the Lord Jesus Christ and his finished work who of course was very much present at creation (see Genesis 1:26)!