Being Available to God


We humans can have a grand idea about what God wants of us.  He simply wants us to be his servants so that we can do what he asks and be on call for whoever may need us as he leads us.

When we become Christians we immediately are someone else’s – God’s.  We’re not our own any more but a subject of the King. So, when we are to do something that we naturally don’t like doing or can’t be bothered to do because it is inconvenient, our flesh (self-life) often screams.

I think that God is in the business of changing lives from within and once he has our permission when we say ‘yes’ to him to be a part of his ever-growing family then he sets to work to make us like himself.  The process is often painful and hurts but the end result can be amazing e.g. we can look at the back of a  beautiful rug when we turn it over and can be surprised at the muddle there is there. Similarly, when working on a tapestry one can’t see the whole picture until it is completed.  So with our lives – God is the Master Potter and he is moulding our lives through circumstances, choices we make and in the midst of just plain routine or even literal painful experiences or seeming accidents. God weaves everything together for good to those who love him and  are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).

The outworking of this Diamond Books project is his idea.  Early on, I felt God saying that he would use this project to get to me and mould my life more appropriately to his image.  Although it is taking him a long time to do this because of my human struggles and sometimes my unwillingness to do things his way, when we do find the joy of being in the centre of his will, there is nothing to compare with it.  Life flows more easily, joy immeasurable becomes the norm and somehow every detail fits into place in his purposes.

However, I (and probably all of us) need to be constantly available to the Master and dependent on him. Then his kingdom can come on Earth as it is at this moment in heaven.  One day soon, he is coming back to our planet to set up his way of doing things on a permanent basis as he originally intended for mankind.  (You can read about what happened at the dawn of time with your children in Book 8  [‘A Beautiful Garden’] of ‘The Creation Series’ of  Diamond Books and the hope God has given us who come humbly to him.)

Let’s encourage each other to allow God’s stretching as we yield to him and allow our simple availability to become not only a huge blessing to God but also a gift to the body of Christ, his church.