Confusion or Order

I know what I’d like! One is from God and one is not. How do we deal with these?.

I easily panic and think that confusion can bring about more chaos or muddled communication but it is my thinking that has to change. The Bible clearly states that the Devil is the father of lies (John 8:44) and when untruths abound, confusion arises. It might be a misunderstanding when the facts of a situation are not clear or at hand or it may be that something said is taken the wrong way or it may be that whoever we are communicating with has another agenda. Whatever it is, we can learn to take it to God and let him unravel the muddle. We can stand and proclaim breakthrough for God is on the throne and totally in control.

When there is order, there is peace. I often go to The Sisters of Jesus Way, a community of believers who give themselves to worship and prayer as priorities while using their large home (wonderfully provided by God himself) for hospitality providing an oasis for anyone in our busy world. There I feel and see and experience order that is God given and God ordained.

God wants our children to learn about order and it starts by them seeing the order with which God made our world. Just seeing the order of creation with the varying seasons and months is a great example in itself. Also, they need to see God’s order in the home with Mum and Dad ideally taking up their God given roles and allowing God’s order to permeate throughout the home. Children thrive with order.

I need to learn to order my home aright so when folk come to visit and children arrive, they can feel and know God’s order that can drive out all confusion and trouble. We can’t avoid confusing circumstances and situations coming to us but we can avoid dwelling on them. We can pray for breakthroughs and leave God to work things through and listen to Him as to what He might want us to do in each situation. Sometimes, as Moses found, we need to stop being afraid, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. (Exodus 14:13).

God has given me a bit of order in relation to this Diamond Books project that I was asked to do way back in the 1980’s. I, with God’s enabling, and with those who act as a buffer for my efforts, plus all the team of people God has provided around me (see our website) hope to complete all the writing for the 100 planned books by the end of May 2018 – just 1000 days to go which does not seem very much time at all. We’ve completed 60 books so far and are working on the next 16 books which we hope to complete by the end of this year, God willing. I actually have a calendar of all the days leading to this completion – so watch this blog – it may change and keep your more informed as to our progress. (Just like Julie [in the film ‘Julia and Julie’ – did you see it?] wrote a daily blog for her aim in a year, I intend to do a weekly blog so as to keep on track and be accountable until that day when all 100 books are finished in reality. Of course the publishing process will keep continuing on – in God’s timing not mine!.