New Book is almost born


I am taking a break from writing this week and am trying to relax and rest more than usual.  In the midst of this, I am liaising with the publishers (Westbow Press) of the second set of Diamond Books,  about the design and text of the first book of the second series. There is still so much to dialogue and communicate about as this book, ‘The Light,’ for 4-5 year olds to read themselves, takes shape. This book is one-sixteenth of the way towards ‘The Jesus Series’ being completed.

I waited a long time for the publishing process to continue after the publication and reprinting of the first series, The Creation Series’ for reading to 3-4 year olds. It is fascinating to me how God enables us to wait, then buckets down loads of encouragement and then a release of the route He wants for His project which is what Diamond Books is.  It was all His idea.  I just needed to be available to respond when He asked me to do this.  He used others to nudge me to do this including Christian educationalists who I found most inspiring.

God has built up a team around me to do this huge task of writing and publishing 100 children’s books.  Eight are in print, 16 are on the way and then another 76 to go if my maths is accurate!  Many of the latter group of books are at the draft stage and some have not even been started but am giving myself another three and three-quarter years, God willing, to get the whole project written.

The complicated stage of publishing each of the books in each of the sets is very challenging yet very exciting. Would value prayer, prayer and more prayer as this project unfolds and God gets all the credit for it all.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the books planned as shown on the website then please contact me.