Every boat has an anchor but do our lives have this solid weight keeping us stable?  Sometimes a weight can be a hindrance but when it has a purpose then one can allow for it. God’s word, the Bible, provides solidness for our lives. If we ignore it, it is to our peril when times get tough. If we treasure it, then we can open it and use it for its intended purpose i.e. to create faith that can do anything.

‘The Creation Series’ is based on God’s word and follows the Genesis account of creation.  Little ones can have fun finding the ladybirds or the frogs or butterflies in various ones of this 8 book boxed set, primarily to read to 3–4 year olds. The wonders of creation never cease to amaze me.  How an intelligent mind can think that the world just came together (like bits of a watch all falling down to make a perfect working watch) without a creator, I find baffling.

Diamond Books exists to help children to have a simple understanding of what God has done so far and has seen fit to record for us to learn from. Men inspired by God wrote down various poems, historical accounts, wise words, songs and prophecy so that we could benefit from knowing the heart of God.  His pulse and heart beat are always towards his creation.  ‘People are on tiptoe to see the sons of God coming into their own’ it says in Romans 8.

Let’s not be a disappointment to God or our fellow man/woman.  The only way forward, it seems, is not only to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength but to also love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Love has to be our motivator or else what we do becomes a comparison with others or we want to be seen doing what we’re doing (subtly showing off) what God has given us to do. Getting the balance of love is a hard one – how much does one love oneself these days and how does this compare with the amount of love we give others?

God’s love is oozing in ‘The Creation Series’.  Young children don’t get hang ups about loving – they just do it as they see love modelled in us adults.  Let’s not put a stumbling block in the way of these youngsters so that love can prevail in the home, outside at play, in school and wherever they happen to go.

Let’s keep life simple enough so that we can respond to God and to others in the way of love continually and if we blow it, we can clamber onto Father God’s knee for forgiveness and his loving support and sustaining. Then we can start the way of loving again, leaning on God to enable us to love his way.