Miracles in the West

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In an age of skeptics and unbelief, we can so easily put down as irrelevant the supernatural happenings that occur often unexpectedly. Jesus Christ...   Read More


I think I may have invented a word as I can’t find it in my dictionary but of course it could be in a...   Read More

Sheer Joy

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The Christmas story says it all – particularly the shepherds encounter with the angels. An angel of the Lord, we are told in Luke...   Read More

A Helping Hand

How we each need this … especially at Christmas time when it seems that the world is buzzing with busyness. My 92 year old...   Read More

Goody Two Shoes

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‘Goody Two-Shoes’ is the name given to a poor orphan – Margery Meanwell. She was so poor as to possess only one shoe and...   Read More


I was going to write a blog on ‘trust’ and then I read Hebrews 4 that is about the rest of God and realised...   Read More

Overcoming Challenges!

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I don’t know about you but I find challenges in life difficult to manoeuvre especially the unexpected ones but even these can send me...   Read More

Forgiveness – a very practical tool in life

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How we blow it as humans – all of us not just some! We constantly think of ourselves and selfishness is like our middle...   Read More


How we British people love the sunshine and the heat of the sun! Just to have a few days of real summer is a...   Read More


MotivationComments Off on Weakness

We often think that weakness is a bad thing that can lead to mistakes or a failure of some kind. However, weakness, if recognised,...   Read More

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