Nothing is too hard for God. He invites us to ask anything in the Name of Jesus and as we draw closer to Him, he makes His desires known to us so that we can ask as He wants which is always best. To be in line with God’s will is holy ground and we can be at peace knowing that He can do anything whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

Sometimes, we reach the extremities of life and it is then that we either sink or swim. If we call out to Jesus and let Him carry us, then we can swim with Him making us buoyant. If we choose to work things out in our own logical way, then we are more likely to sink as only God’s way of doing things brings the answers and blessings.

God is a good God and He always wants to do us good whatever we have to go through. He is weaving His purposes out and eventually we will see victory in a given situation. The waiting and persevering might be very testing and exhausting at times but God ultimately can bring us through if we let Him. God has a habit of working everything together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (see Romans 8:28).

The challenges of writing the Diamond Books are many and immense but when I take just one day at a time and ask the Lord to show me what He wants to do with me in all this, then the ‘biteable’ chunks of time prove to be enough to build and develop and create the books He has called me to write. I find it such a privilege to be involved in this project which is God’s project really. He is my Father Manager and indeed my employer, too. ( I used to answer that God was my literal boss when people wanted to know who I worked for.)

Children need to know that the Christian life is one wonderful adventure. God has a specific task for each child to do in life and as they get to know Jesus, then they can learn what that pathway leading to this is and begin to walk/prepare/study for it.

I recently went to see ‘Eddie the Eagle’ film that I most highly recommend. At 8 years of age, little Eddie knew he wanted to be in the Olympic Games one day. He read about it and planned how to be an Olympic athlete (in skiing). He had many setbacks but he kept focused. That’s how our children need to be once they know what God has put them on the planet to do. Then they can be secure and at peace following God’s leading to get to their destination.

Let’s allow God to mould our children into His ways. ‘The Jesus Series’ (soon to be published) will really help a young child to know who Jesus is and what He came to do. It will inspire them to see and believe that God is able to do anything. It is for 4–5 year olds to read for themselves. Just prepare them for this set of books by using ‘The Creation Series’ first which is available for reading to young children (older ones being able to read this for themselves). You can order this set online anytime!