Who You Know


We see a lot of good around and folk are so eager to help when there is a crisis. However, to love God enables us to love our fellow man/woman/child more and there are extra benefits also. One of my favourite verses from the Bible is “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God who are the called according to His purpose.” (New King James Bible) As we love God He weaves His purposes out and makes everything work together for good – even tragedies.

Many children have experienced so much tragedy that to even describe it makes us squirm. Children continually need that anchor of the Word of God (The Bible – yes and Jesus who is also called this – see John 1:1). Jesus made a careful plan when He left our world. He sent the Holy Spirit to live in our hearts (to be like Jesus with us) when we become Christians so that we are never alone. God knew that the experiences in this life on this planet would be very difficult for each of us in different ways so He provided the Comforter to help us. Children can easily call out for help and as they reach their extremities in various situations then it is almost natural for them to call out to the Father of all.

‘Diamond Books’ provide beautifully illustrated material for children to learn more about great Father God who loves them continually. Here in the UK, not much teaching in homes or in schools is given to the facts that God loves and God has a plan and that Jesus is the centre of life and can be for each individual. So children easily miss what is available to them. ‘Diamond Books’ redresses this inbalance and allows a child to explore origins, the meaning of life and the answer to the mess that Adam and Eve left the human race in. At the same time, children can develop good reading habits and have fun, too.

Then children can be even more educated than some of the adults around them as they connect with God for themselves. “A little child will lead them” (from Isaiah 11:6) seems poignant and relevant here as children can sometimes take the lead with trusting Jesus and put their parents/teachers to shame. Let’s not silence or make fun of children when they simply trust the God who made them, as their education is their life knowing who they know!

PS Let’s not put a stumbling block in the way of children knowing Jesus, the greatest One to know!