Peace with God is the only answer. Our hearts have to have a complete change (that only God can do as we come to Jesus Christ) to enable the Prince of Peace to have his way. Otherwise individual opinions hold and, as everyone’s differs, then people just do what they think is right in their own minds without consulting or listening to God for his wisdom in situations.

Jesus said that he came to bring a sword in families (Matthew 10:34) as one member would be divided against another when the Prince of Peace is not in each heart of each family member.  He knew the conflicts there would be in families when His Lordship isn’t paramount. However he longs for peace and he promised long ago that his desire is to give us peace in our hearts that would fan out to bless others even those in our families who retaliate possibly because they don’t clearly see or feel the great love of God for them.

‘The Creation Series’ of Diamond Books seeks to bring order and peace to children educating them in the early beginnings of life as we know it.  God, being the powerful person he is, only had to speak and the wonders of creation were made. We can teach our children to be careful what they say as even our words have huge repercussions. It just shows how we were made in God’s image.

Young children need to learn to trust their creator who does all things well even when sometimes we don’t understand.  Basilea Schlink once said “I don’t understand You but I trust You.”  A child has a great capacity to trust and when they come to God simply somehow their faith is so pure and real and can put us adults to shame.

So ‘The Creation Series’ of Diamond Books originally intended to be read to 3-4 year olds can be read and appreciated by older children, too, especially those with disabilities including autistic children who love these simple yet profound books.

Let’s allow the peace of God that passes all understanding to under-gird and lead us in his way and that those round the table in Geneva even this day will be aware of the Prince of Peace that can cross any barrier, culture, views, ideas or ethics so that peace can reign in Syria and all the refugees from there (many of whom are Christians) can return home and begin to build again.