God is the master potter.  We are the clay.  Sometimes we are broken inside but this can be mended as our lives can be remade by the master. When we realise our helplessness, then God can step in and do what no other can do.  He can release his comfort, support, help, care and compassion as he reforms us.  Then we can experience what true love is.

Most of us experience some tragedy or difficulty or habit that we cannot get over by ourselves.  If we can but humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand (1 Peter 5:6) and let him take the helm in our helplessness and weakness then God can step in, in a huge way.

I remember a time in my life when I had a list of things I couldn’t cope with and I also recall that as I was perusing these, God, for the first time, spoke to me in my heart and said ‘I will heal you of every single one of them’.  Then, that sounded impossible but, as the years have progressed, I am able to look back and have realised that God has kept his word and I am free of these things that were hindering my life.

There are still other challenges to face as God hasn’t finished with me or any of us yet but somehow the amazing things that God has already done for me form a springboard of more great things to come as God keeps his hand on my life, leads me through what sometimes feels like treacle and brings me through the problems. I can be an overcomer as God intends us to be.

Youngsters need to know that God is practical and can solve and resolve issues in their own lives.  I can remember friends who lived in a flat with their children telling me how one day one of their boys asked in prayer for a garden which then seemed impossible. Sometime later (and it wasn’t too long for the child to remember what he prayed) the family moved into a house that had a garden.  That child will never forget what God did for him.

As we consider God’s creation and the enormity of what he did in providing this beautiful planet for us humans to live in (not too far from the sun or we would have been frozen and not too near or we would have been burnt up) we can communicate with our children that with God no difficulty is too small or too big for him to handle.

Even when children experience brokenness in their family, God can heal and restore and lift their heads up again. There is hope even for the Oscars in this world who hurt and regret and virtually collapse – God can rebuild and forgiveness can flow so that even memories can be removed that seemed so awful. How we need to teach our children and one another about the enormity of what Jesus did at Calvary that opened the floodgates of God’s mercy and grace to all of us from the youngest to the oldest that has given each of us a future and a hope.