“People who live in greenhouses can’t afford to throw stones” is I think an accurate jingle that we hear bandied about sometimes – (please correct me if I have stated this inaccurately).  A greenhouse can be a warm, beautifully smelling home to lots of plants and maybe the cat that can get into it but it can also be a smelly, neglected and cold building. If you were a greenhouse which type would you be or want to be?

I love the smell of geraniums and tomatoes in a greenhouse and if I was a plant I’d love to be under the glass and shade of a non draughty building except when it gets really hot and opening the windows is necessary. This analogy reminds me of the fruit that God wants to produce in all our lives – love – (joy, gentleness, kindness, self-control, goodness, peace, patience and faithfulness – all being the facets of love – see Galatians 5:22-23) produced by just being in an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and being fed aright. When God produces the right conditions and we yield to his leading (even if it is not of our choosing) then our circumstances around us can produce the fruit God requires.  We need the water of God’s word (the Bible) and the Holy Spirit (anointing and guiding) and sunshine of God’s love itself to produce in us a replica of himself – that’s what he’s aiming at in us anyway.

It is also true for the saplings (our children). They need the right conditions to thrive and the right teaching and nurturing to grow as God intended them to.  ‘The Creation Series’ serves little ones well so that they can appreciate God as the creator of everything and stand in wonder at a beautiful butterfly or a frightened frog or just the drops of rain on a pane of glass,  let alone the dew/snow on a spider’s web. Help children to grow by buying this boxed set of 8 books that they will really love. By doing so, we hope to sell all our current print run and then reprint more inexpensively, so that orphans and poor children can have access to these books, too.

Some children in the world won’t have heard of/know about greenhouses but we can still produce the right conditions for a child to grow well and then into maturity. ‘The Creation Series’ seeks to give a good foundation for their growth. May you enjoy the books, too!