Life for us humans is so incredibly short.  To think that the likes of Noah and his contemporaries lived hundreds and hundreds of years. Among them was Enoch who the Bible says walked with God and then was not because God took him (Genesis 5:24).  Our lives are in the hand of our maker.

The frailty of human life staggers me.  We are so fragile and so complex and yet most of us function OK.  Our brains far surpass the most sophisticated of computers and each brain is unique – no prototypes here!

For all our ‘cleverness’, the Proverb writer (possibly King Solomon) simply says that all our efforts are like the wind – they come and go and are really futile even though we can think them important.

Caring for my elderly mother just recently brought it home to me that all that really matters is love.  Mum just wants me around so that she can receive more love and appreciation which in old age can be lacking on a consistent basis. The familiarity and security of having her daughter around her is a great comfort.  However, at those times that I can’t be with her, a greater comfort is available in the person of the Holy Spirit who is called the comforter.  He makes all the difference as he is around us individually 24/7.

Let’s encourage our youngsters to appreciate those who are much older than they are and learn early in life that age is important and greater honour and respect needs to be bestowed on such.

The Creation Series can be appreciated by all ages.  Try using these books with a child showing and explaining to an older person (perhaps their Grandma or Grandad) the wonders of what God has made.  It will cheer them up and revitalise in many of them the wonder of creator God.

Children can be blessed beyond their parents highest expectations with learning to give to the oldest ones in our society so that they, too, can be connected to the One who loves them so much.