Is this human trait prevalent to us all or is it just experienced by the likes of  the ‘Dad’s Army’ characters? I’m more prone to this and have to guard myself from spilling out and making others panic, too!

However, God, as always, has made provision for this emotion in that his word, the Bible, clearly says that we are to ‘cast all our cares on him because he cares for us’ (1 Peter 5:7).  I have advocated that our individual worries and fears and anxieties can be thrown to the Lord as they loom up within us.  Even by acknowledging a problem is halfway to solving it. I have found that by writing it down and then screwing the paper up and throwing it into the air is a very helpful way to cast ones cares on God.

The Creation Series of Diamond Books provides a spiritual anchor for our children’s lives as these books are based on God’s word.  His power at making things out of nothing can excite children and give them faith to believe that their Maker is bigger than they are.  Then, even at their early ages, they  can learn to depend on God and have confidence in him so that he becomes one they can trust.

We can’t talk enough about the great God who made everything.  God’s people, centuries ago, were told to talk diligently to their children regularly when they got up, when they sat down in their house, when they walked about and in the evening before bed (see Deuteronomy 6:7 in the Bible) so that they wouldn’t forget His presence and interest in their lives and could feel that they could converse with him as a friend.

May we learn to let God deal with our panic times so that our children can see how we trust God even in the face of many challenges and difficulties.  God will give us each his perfect peace as our minds are stayed on him. Let’s focus on Him who is solid and at hand for every problem.