One of the hardest things we humans can do? I find this incredibly difficult but, as Christians, we are called to wait on God (Isaiah 40:28-31).  Our busy lives are not a reflection of our spirituality – in fact, I would even say that the reverse is true.

Waiting has a positive side to it in that it is often a preparation time for God to develop our character which to God is vitally important.  Moses had 40 years in Egypt in the riches of a palace, then 40 years in obscurity before he was given his life’s mission.  Joshua, too, had to wait his time for leadership, learning under Moses tuition.  Jesus himself had 30 years in obscurity and then just over 3 years of his mission.

I have been challenged recently by Jesus’ lifestyle.  He spent a lot of time with his Father in the dark times of the morning before others had got up.  Then, in any given day, he only did those things that Father had told him to do.  So why don’t we do the same?  I would say that it is probably too costly for most of us but how rewarding if we get to be like that. To be able to get God’s ‘well done’ must be the reward of all rewards.

On holiday recently, I was amazed at how God took hold of Jacob. Even with his bad hip, God made every provision for him to succeed. He even lifted him up onto the hilltops so that he could feast on the crops of the land and loved him so  lavishly.  Jacob didn’t deserve this (as we don’t either) but, chosen by God, he came to a good end, with so many children too, even though he went through so much emotional pain which in the end became the making of him.

How the children around us need an anchor and the stability to survive in this busy world. Again, ‘The Creation Series’ can provide some help to little ones and visually give them the beauty and grandeur of the Creator so that they can learn to focus on good things rather than the hustle and bustle, rushing agendas of our world..

Let’s allow our children to be the children they need to be by providing them with the right books at the right time that will enable them to learn about the power and enormity of the God who made every part of them.  To enable more children to know about the great God of the universe, the boxed set of ‘ The Creation Series’ can be ordered by libraries so that lots of children can have the opportunity of learning about the God who made everything around them and actually made them unique, too.

[One only has to ask to order the boxed set of books in any library – in the UK anyway –  and usually they are ordered for a small fee and are then on the shelves for all to borrow!]