They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is true, based on physical sight. However, the beauty that lasts comes from within and can make an ordinary looking person extremely beautiful. The spirit behind who we are can carry a lot of weight and can produce, for example in a simple smile, something very endearing. When our spirit is joined to the Holy Spirit (when we become born again Christians usually) then God’s beauty can be seen. This beauty is often referred to in the Bible as glory.

The beauty of our world can often be scarred and marred by man’s interference and also by neglect and disasters. God ordered our world in a wonderful way and his beauty (glory which includes God’s power) can be seen each day through the sunrises and sunsets and through all of his creation.

There is something beautiful about the paralympians in Rio who this last week have shown the world what can be done with disability and challenges. Their lives reflect beauty through their struggles and determination and we can’t but help admire them.

We each have struggles of various kinds. No human is perfect and yet the perfect One who came to our world from heaven, Jesus Christ, is the same yesterday, today and forever and can conquer those challenges within and without if we let Him. How each child needs to know that there is someone working on their behalf to give them that beautiful spirit and can encourage them on in life’s seeming rat race.

‘God has made everything beautiful in His time’- so says the writer of Ecclesiastes in chapter 3, verse 11 of his book – as He is the God of glory.. As we wait for His directions and clarity and allow Him to lead us then we can become the reflection of Christ. Looking to Him makes us radiate His love and life and that is always beautiful – which is why we mustn’t disconnect children from their Maker in schools and in homes as He is the source of all beauty. Let’s be blessed by the development of many more Christian and Church schools across the globe that can be a catalyst for God’s beauty to be seen.

Photo Credit: Agência Brasil Fotografias