Beautiful Diamonds


The human race can reflect God’s beauty as we yield and surrender to our maker. God’s grace then becomes apparent and the beauty of Christ begins to show.  This takes humility and meekness and a willingness to embrace total servanthood.

The way up is usually the way down for us humans.  As we seek to please God, we realise we have nothing much to give him who made everything and everyone. Sometimes we can feel that we have a flickering candle to give him but he takes that or even a spark of that and makes our lives beautiful in his time.

His time for working is so different from ours. We want everything instantly but God takes time with us to produce something more beautiful than we ever imagined.  (What grape was made in a day?) So often we don’t see the beauty ourselves but we are aware of that beauty in others who are mirroring Christ and are empowered with the Holy Spirit that covers their natural weaknesses.

In this busy age that we are living in, we need to provide oases for our children to be able to be still in, for them to take in God’s goodness, relax in his love and then give themselves to God.  Samuel (see 1 Samuel in the Bible) was only a young boy when God called him by calling his name.  The adults around him weren’t aware of God’s voice but Samuel heard a voice and acted on it.  From that time on, Samuel began to have a relationship with God that made him such a mighty influence in Israel and a mentor for King David.

Why not snuggle up with a child and look at ‘The Creation Series’ and see what beautiful things God has done in making this world and us humans. There is nothing to compare with the beauty of God’s creation which varies from day to day and the sheer volume and diversity of the life he has made is truly awesome.

Diamonds form in the dark, have to be dug out of the ground from deep within the earth and then have to be honed and polished to show their true worth and beauty. The darker our experiences of life even as children, the greater the potential for the beauty of Christ to show when we each realise the magnitude of God’s love and purpose for us individually as well as collectively.