Media Muddles


It’s so easy to get in a muddle and we want to cry ‘Get me out of here’ when our circumstances become overwhelming.  However, there is a way through the mass of media communications that confront us each day.

We can so easily mishear something that somebody has said or misinterpret an email or letter or just plainly misunderstand in the midst of a phone call or text.  There is a way forward – sometimes it is only sleep that we require to be able to become more alert and sift out what is important from what is trivial but when things get out of hand and we are confronted with negative feedback that’s when the grace of God is needed so much.

Recently, I have been misunderstood but the wonderful thing is that God knows our motives and, even when they are not 100% pure, God knows our hearts and our longings to do what is right.

A comment can be so damning and yet not meant so.  For us sensitive ones it is harder to keep renewing one’s mind but therein lies the answer and victory. We can forgive someone at any time and then we are free to move on to keep communicating even though there is a likelihood of muddles.

To train our children to be articulate without being cocky is an art in itself and to forgive and let a matter go, too.  However, we can learn from God’s simple statements even when he made all that we see around us in the natural world. He said, for example in Genesis 1 ‘Let there be light’ and there it was immediately.  Less words can be more and being succinct is a great way to communicate and doesn’t wear out the hearers!

Let’s get our children to study the simple statements that God made in Genesis 1 and 2. Many of these are mentioned in ‘The Creation Series’ which is selling online at a special price including postage and packing costs. Three-four year olds will then always remember in their memory bank what God said even if they temporarily forget and older children can refresh on the truths found in God’s wonderful word.