Brevity of Life

Oh to number our days and not waste a single one is what we are encouraged to do in the Bible. Somehow, as one gets older, the days are more precious even though they can easily be squandered.  However, as our days are so our strength can become even stronger as we lean on God more and exchange our weakness for his strength which is endless.

My mum has not been well these past couple of months and to see a once vibrant person become frustrated and negative is a bit sad but then I have to ask myself would I be any different in her situation.  It’s easy for us who have more working faculties to look on and judge but what is required is compassion and care and love and joy flowing around to affect her.

Our children can easily have an empathy and sympathy for the elderly if we teach them by example.  I can remember once one Christmas day we took our children into Birkenhead to share some Christmas cake with anyone we could find and it was amazing how many folk on their own were around in the morning before church services had started.  One hopes that our children will remember that and do the same or do even better at excelling at loving the lonely and vulnerable.  (By the way, we still have links with one of the ones we met many Christmases ago).

Let’s keep feeding our children with Biblical material that can challenge and steer them into the direction of Christ so that they have the means of receiving the love they need not only for themselves but to give to others. Hence we offer Diamond Books to you especially ‘The Creation Series’ which is available on special offer on our website.