Variety can be a spice of life! It can be even better than a rest. However, sometimes we can be busy doing this and that and forget to care and love and be sensitive to others. I know I do.

God knows all about variety as he made this world in a fantastic way and with the power of his words. There is nothing to compare with his creative powers. Who among us can make a fly let alone a huge elephant or dinosaur – and not just one of each kind but several and sometimes hundreds of varieties.

I marvel at the complexity and extravagance of God’s creation – there is no ending to it.  Even all the TV programmes or films can’t capture the beauty and diversity that there is amongst God’s creation. To think that our Creator became a man and can have access to us still if we want him in our lives.

Children need to know that there is a God who made all the nature that they see around them, regardless of what politicians might recommend is taught in schools. All aspects of creation are so spectacular e.g. the sky that is painted differently every day; the trees that sway and are perfectly symmetrical as they grow; the small creatures on the seabed that hardly anyone notices; the worms that busy themselves and mix up our earth so well; and of course the highest creation of people – all unique and wonderfully and marvellously made.

Take time to marvel at God’s world and stand in awe with a child to see the grandeur of what God has made.  Perhaps ‘The Creation Series’ can act as a springboard to seeing some of the things that a child wouldn’t ordinarily see on a day-to-day basis. It could also act to stimulate a child to explore God’s world more.  Happy looking!