A New Season


As well as it being summer, something drastic happened to me. A month ago today my husband died unexpectedly – not really dead as I am sure he has gone to be with Jesus in the home prepared for him – his real home forever. He had aggressive metastatic (I think that’s how it is spelled) pancreatic cancer which was only diagnosed 26 days before he left this earth. He had been in hospital for 67 days in total.

The time spent in hospital with my dear, Mike, was a very precious time for us. Mike had been working exceedingly hard as he found his body more comfortable standing up and being active. He only stopped his work just 10 days before admission to hospital. We actually had time for each other and were able to share so much. We planned to be less busy when he was well again and create a greater balance in our lives, prioritising our relationship far more. However, this was not be be put into practice.

We, together with many Christian brothers and sisters all over the place, prayed for Mike’s healing. We believe that all disease and ill health is not from God and so we were confident that God was very much on our side as we prayed with simple faith. We sensed that we were nearly breaking through in prayer, too.

However, on the Friday before Mike died, the medics pronounced that he only had hours to live so we got the prayer troops into the hospital quickly and began to worship God with a lovely instrument in our midst too. Heaven came down into the ward it seemed although I was upset thinking that he would be healed and would stay on earth for more time. Mike actually rallied after this and the next day was very alert even watching a DVD with his brother.

Then on the Sunday (the following day) Mike was not alert at all and was very restful and peaceful. Then in the evening he just slipped away while I was giving him a swab for his mouth.

On reflection, I realised that maybe Mike had had a taste of heaven that Friday and once any of us gets a glimpse then we want to be there. We think that this is probably what happened. God never goes against our will and if Mike had a desire to go to be with the Lord (who to be with is so much better than being here) what can be said adversely.

So now, it is definitely a new season for me. When a child loses a loved one especially a parent there is such a loss and gap in the family. However, Jesus is such a comfort and lifts our chin up. Children especially can experience this, too, as their simple faith and trust in God is so much purer and even more meaningful than what we adults have. Let’s always bring Jesus into the grasp of little ones and not deny them Him (who is closer than a human parent) when they have a loss in their lives. Then they, like me, can know God better and receive His immense love that flows over our tears and reminds us of His unfailing love that’s available to us every day of our earthly lives as well as forever.

‘The Jesus Series’ of 16 books for 4-5’s to read themselves is being published at the moment which can give so much foundation about who Jesus is and what He can do. Look out for it and if you want to order this set of books just contact me. Look out for the ‘taster’ books – you may well be able to order and receive individual books of this series very soon.