Have you been this way? Is your home like this? Does your life feel frenzidly (I think that’s a new word as from now!) out of control? I’ve certainly been there! It doesn’t feel good and is not at all honouring to God either.

The book of Genesis in the Bible is full of order in the way God made everything and in the ways he led the early patriarchs. God had a plan for our world and he put all the pieces together to form the world we have now. He likewise formed each person on the planet and led them (if they were willing) into the plans and purposes he had for each.

Likewise, God has a plan and order to present to us each day even in 2015. If only we would take the time to listen to him and allow him to guide us our lives would be full of order and the housework would get done well, too!

Children thrive with order and routines and thus when the first people were made directly by God, they knew the boundaries that God had given them to enjoy his order.  However, they went their own sweet way and didn’t heed what God had told them. From then on disorder ensued.  Even weeds began to grow that were non-existent before. Arguments began and the first murder followed. What God had planned had been spoiled.

However. there is a way back to order and a second chance for all of us –  so wonderfully presented on a new TV channel here in the UK –  TBN UK  – on freeview. It shows the way for each of us individually to find God’s order for our lives, letting Jesus Christ deal with the sin issue that spoils our lives and brings disorder, letting forgiveness flow and allowing the youngest to the oldest to come into the plan of God that is different for each one. God’s love makes all this possible. How wonderful is this!

So, let’s show God’s order to children in the way he made the heavens and the Earth by getting ‘The Creation Series’ to either read to them or for them to read themselves. They’ll never forget God’s order that can be a part of their lives as they grow up. “Teach your children right from wrong, and when they are grown they will still do right.” (Proverbs 22:6 – The Contemporary English Version of the Bible). What superb order for our children!