Feeding Children’s Hunger

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I have a hunch and a simple understanding of children to know when youngsters are hungry.  Sometimes, they are just bored, sometimes they just want a fix almost like a habit (eg when they come home from school) and sometimes they are plain hungry with rumbling stomachs.  Physically, the signs are there but are we aware of children’s spiritual hunger?  I firmly believe that we were made with a God shaped hole within us that only God can fill.  When God is allowed to fill us (with our permission) He does and then there is that great satisfied feeling.

I am passionate about the Bible and its simple yet profound truths.  I believe that the inspired words in this best book in the world (bought and read by more people than any other book ever) have a great impact on us people if we are open to receive its wisdom.  I happen to believe, too, that little people (our children) can have an even greater understanding of the truths in this book as they are far more open to receive.  We are encouraged to be like little children as we come to God so that we can easily learn great foundational truths that can last a lifetime.

‘Diamond Books’ has actually been written with these thoughts in mind.  Children love to hear about the Old Testament heroes and the amazing miracles of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. When they realise that these events are not fairy stories but actual happenings in the past then they can see and understand the greatness of God.  Children are so amazed at the various aspects of creation. When they are taught that God made each grain of sand different from the rest and each snowflake uniquely and knows the number of hairs on each of our heads their understanding can expand and soar.  They can then be in awe of God’s handiwork.  Their hunger for who they are and why they are here can truly be answered quite simply as they read the Bible.

Of course, children need a guide to help them receive this spiritual food (‘bread’ from Heaven).  The Bible is that guide.  It was written by many men inspired by God.  As adults we need to pray that the Holy Spirit will feed our family with this food.  Our children need to see the reality of the Holy Spirit providing the spiritual food we each need.  This food is just as important as the physical food we eat.  So daily coming to  God is essential  to avoid being spiritually starved or unbalanced as children or adults.

What do you think?  Have you any suggestions as to how to eat this spiritual food and make it easily palatable to young children?