4 reasons why we Create


Sometimes, we can create a din or a mess or trouble, but I believe we have more creativity to offer for several reasons.

  1. I strongly believe that we each have the DNA of the Creator that made us, passed on from previous generations right from Adam and Eve, the first people that ever existed.
  2.  We humans are copies of our Maker. As God is the greatest Creator there is, so we, made in his likeness, are creative, too. We each have some creative strand that is innate to us that can be developed or neglected..
  3.  We have wonderful, complex brains that are more complicated than any human computer or phone. We are so well wired and have memories that don’t need a memory stick that it is quite incredible that most of us have brains that work so intricately well. To add to the wonder of this, our brains are protected by a thick skull that has to be drilled into if ever a doctor needs to examine it or operate on it.
  4. Just take a look at the things in nature, notice the seasons, the detailed plant fauna and the variety of animals and birds and fish that there are, let alone the changing skies and weather patterns. Everything is unique – whether it is a snowflake, a grain of sand or a human being. We humans have a tendency to make things the same. It is only when we have the creativity released in us that we can make things differently.

The most wonderful creativity of all can take place in the human heart as we allow God to be in the centre of our lives. It says in  2 Corinthians 5:17 (of the Bible – God’s encyclopedia for us humans) “If any man (or woman or child) is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.” God can change the human heart and thus our actions and our creativity can be developed fully when we admit we need him and say sorry for the blunders we have made. Then the full thrust of His creativity comes into us in the form of the Holy Spirit so that He can change us from within and creatively make us like Himself in a unique way and prepare us for the real life ahead. Then, the time spent here on planet Earth can be regarded as the dress rehearsal for the real life of living with Jesus for ever and serving Him creatively even more later. How our children need this hope so that their creativity can reach its full potential. As they ponder what God has already done in making our world and sending Jesus Christ to it, then they can access the creativity of their Maker. Hence the writing of the ‘Creation Series’ to read to 3–4’s so that even in their very young years, children can understand and see visually what God has done for them in making them creative.