Miracles today!


Each life is a miracle just considering the human brain alone, the most complicated computer of all! I often wonder when a child is born that so much is right with them when there could be so many abnormalities in anyone born. The majority thankfully are all intact but we are still not absolutely perfect. That’s where a second miracle comes in!

Then there’s the uniqueness of everything and everyone that God has made. Not even twins are that alike and certainly not a perfect match.

Because none of us humans are perfect, even a new born baby, we need help. God made the first humans absolutely perfect until, having been given free will, they chose not to heed their Maker’s instructions. Consequently, the whole human race has fallen short of what they should be. However, God had a plan even before man’s choices were marred and that plan made it possible for the miracle of new birth to take place. Jesus, God’s only Son, was sent from heaven to planet Earth only a couple of thousand years ago so that the human race (even those born before Jesus was) can be forgiven and allowed to have a new start with God coming within a person in the form of the Holy Spirit who is committed to making us humans like Jesus.

Miracles happened when Jesus died and came alive again. The sky was darkened during the day on the day he died (an eclipse maybe!) and people who were dead came out of their graves in Jerusalem. An earthquake took place and the whole of creation seemed to be involved with this huge event. Just before his death, Jesus was beaten a lot and it says in Isaiah 53 that by his stripes, we are healed which means that Jesus died to heal us of every condition we humans find we have, whether it be cancer, mental problems, toothache, or eyesight. Satan was having a hey-day before Jesus died but Jesus died and came alive to defeat the ways and deeds of him. He is a thief, a robber and liar and even today he tries to weave his way on the earth but his days are numbered. Evil will not continue for ever.

Today, God is at work doing one miracle after the other. In many countries of the world He still raises the dead (as Jesus and his disciples did in New Testament times – in the early first century) and many healings are taking place that are not reported greatly. I had a miracle in my own life recently when I went for a cataract assessment only to find that I don’t need operations at all. Sometimes, God uses the medics to heal us but we can simply believe in God’s mighty power to heal and to save us (often from ourselves as well as from sin not dealt with). We just need to come to him in faith that he will do what he says he will. He invites us to “ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you,” (see Luke 11:9).

The greatest miracle of all, in my opinion, is the new heart (not a physical one!) that God can give to any of us, even to a child when we simply come to God honestly and sincerely and just tell him how we want him to change our life around. I think one of God’s favourite words is ‘come’. He promises never to turn anyone away who comes to him and when we pour out our hearts to  him and say sorry, he forgives and gives us a completely new life. That’s the hope that each child can have as they simply come to their Father, ask and trust him today.