Beautiful New Year


Just as we take our Christmas decorations down and the evenings get a wee bit lighter (here in the UK) so God surprises us with the sheer beauty of his world.  Whether there are storms, winds and rain or glimpses of the sunshine, his rainbow comes out to remind us that God is a promise keeping God.

I’ve seen several rainbows recently some a full 180 degree arc and each time I get excited and thrilled that God made all the colours in the spectrum and he brightens up the skies of our world just like that! Colour is amazing and there are so many shades of the same hue. Apparently, in the extravagance of God, we each see colours uniquely as our eyes are made distinctive as is the rest of our being.

The colours in ‘The Creation Series’ books (a boxed set of 8 books – Set A of Diamond Books) are really beautiful.  Sharon Rentta has done a superb job with the illustrations for this series which complements the text that is aimed for reading to 3–4 year olds. The wonder of his creation is amazing and Sharon has tapped into the heart of the Creator, so allowing little ones to appreciate the greatness of all that is around them.

Let’s be like children this year and value the simple, lovely and beautiful things that are around us ready for us to notice.  A little plant or creature or insect or even the colour of a leaf can be an incredible source of awe as we see it in a fresh light. How can we resist worshipping and praising God, the Creator of all who by his power and might also made and brought to pass the creative plan of sending Jesus Christ to our world so that his order and rightness of things can be restored to our world.  He is altogether lovely!