Righteousness Exalts A Nation

How God loves rightness even when we sinners are far from being righteous. However, the miracle is that Jesus Christ paid our price on the cross and when we come to him in humility and admit our faults, he washes us clean so that in his sight we have never sinned and are righteous. Then we are eligible for heaven – the wonder of what he has done!

Similarly, God has made provision for nations – one life at a time. When lots of people in a nation realise their need of a Saviour (i.e. Jesus) then more prayer is made to God and these prayers  affect a nation very positively.  Sometimes, God has his reasons for allowing disaster to come to a nation but then in his love and mercy he is always eager to help and love and care. He always desires to bless but he also knows that as a result of our actions there are consequences and sometimes that is the only way we learn.  God wants our whole hearts and lives not lip service occasionally as he is worthy of all that we can give him.

Am conscious that the media often does not help us to be righteous.  When ‘soaps’ (as an example) seem to be happy with abortion and euthanasia and just plain swearing and blaspheming and communicate these as being the norm, our younger generation almost have to go against their tender consciences to think that these are OK when before God they certainly aren’t.

Hence, the Diamond Books project that is aiming to redress the balance for our young people.  The early years in a child’s life are so key to what children will become. To realise and understand simply, with their childlike faith (that we as adults are told to emulate in the Bible) where they have come from and who made them, is crucial.

Let’s feed our youngsters with a wholesome diet – not just with the food that perishes but with the everlasting word of God.  The latter can show God’s loving principles and ways to give each child a hope for the future.  Our children can then begin to realise that God has a master plan for their lives and they can grow up to seek and find that plan that will lead them into God’s good and perfect will for their life.  Each has a part to play on this planet and our creator God knows how to bless and give to each one what is needed to reach that full potential.

May God be honoured in our nation so that the streets can ring out with God’s praises.  Let’s allow his righteousness to embrace our nation for good yet again.