Something New


With Christmas coming round again, we can get too familiar with the events of that first Christmas. I know I can! Yes, a very special Baby was born in the most unusual of circumstances; yes there were angels involved; yes some humble shepherds were the first on the scene; and yes, very learned wise men travelled a very long way to later visit the Child. What significance is all this to the average person?

God made the world beautiful with order, precision and power. There were no climate problems or conflicts or wars or problems or health issues. All was well and God made the first people to enjoy every bit of the world he had provided for them. So how come it is all messed up today when we are supposed to be making progress and our world is developing – into what?

Even a child can see and realise that there is something very wrong with our world. It has all started, as a fact, with our human hearts going astray. God gave some very simple specific instructions for mankind (see Genesis 1-3 in the Bible) and we decided to do our own thing. Does sound familiar? The consequences of this action has produced messed up people who are born into sin. The s-i-n word is not popular these days and can even seem a bit outdated but its effects in our world are blatant for all to see and experience.

So, what is all this to do with Christmas? The fantastic news is that God sent His dearest and most precious Son to come and visit our world to put things right. To reach us humans He had to become one (just like if we wanted to relate to ants we would have to become one!). This was no ordinary Son – this was the perfect Son of God who was with His Father and the Holy Spirit when they created the Earth. (“Let Us make man in our own image” said God at the beginning of time – see Genesis 1:26). Wow!

Jesus Christ, that special Baby, can actually put the world right again if we let Him. God can change the world one heart at a time by changing the human heart to love instead of to hate and have our own way. This does not come easily or cheaply. Jesus, in fact, died for the sins of the whole human race and as we each come to Him in repentance, He extends His mercy and unconditional love to us. We still easily choose to do wrong but God can enable us, by His Holy Spirit that He puts within us when we become Christians, to develop like Jesus.

That is why I am so passionate about Jesus Christ and want children to know about Him, too. Sometimes, schools and even parents can forget or deny to educate their children about this one truth about Christmas. Jesus came for us to love us and give us true peace with God. That can’t be gained by exchanging presents or even being religious or being over indulgent. God wants a personal relationship with each person whether a small child or aging person. So that is why I get excited about Christmas as it can focus on the Light of the World – the only hope this planet has.

Let’s not forget to share with our children on Christmas Day about the wonder of Jesus being born to show us and empower us with His life, giving us that perfect example of how we are to be. Then, children can know that as they ask Jesus to forgive them for their sins then Jesus can come into their hearts so they, too, can live like He did..